Sunday, September 1, 2013

On To Torrey

To where?  We are in an area about as remote as it comes, Torrey, Utah, the closest town to Capitol Reef National Park.  We hadn’t done as much in Moab as we wanted to and we hadn’t gotten to Mesa Verde NP so we went to the office at our campground in Moab to extend.  That certainly wasn’t a productive endeavor.  They could only let us extend for one more night on our site as they subsequently had it booked for two weeks.  But worse, the Passport America rate we had been using wouldn’t be honored for the holiday weekend plus there was a surcharge for the holidays.  So, to extend for more than one day, we would have to move our motor home to another site and see our rate go from $25 a night to $61 a night.  That made it an easy call.  We moved not to another site; we just moved right on down the road. As a result, we did forgo a few hikes we might have taken and we had to pass on Mesa Verde but we weren’t about to pay $61 a night for a campground in Moab, Utah, holiday weekend notwithstanding.

So we got on the phone and secured a campsite at an RV park in Torrey.  As we drove north from Moab to the I70, we thought we probably should get some fuel before heading into these remote regions even though we were 3/4 full.  We stopped at the only gas station at that freeway entrance.  Gary pulled up to the pump, went in to prepay, but quickly came back out saying we’re heading on down the road.  The price for diesel at these pumps was $5.29 a gallon.  He had seen the price on the pump and went inside to find out if it was real and why.  The clerk in the store said “yes, that is the price and the owner thinks he can get it”.  Well, he didn’t get it from us.  We headed west 15 miles to the next exit and filled up for $4 a gallon.  We pity the poor people who can’t make it east or west from this exit.

100_8486During the last 100+ miles to Torrey, there was only one town of less that 200 people.  And Torrey doesn’t have any more residents than that.  And from here south in some of the least populated area of the country.  At times, the terrain looked almost like a moonscape.



100_8503We drove through Capitol Reef on our way to our campground.  It looks like it will be another beautiful park to explore.


  1. Capitol Reef is amazing! Great hiking...have fun!

  2. Love Utah! Can't wait to get back to the Kanab area. The last time we did Utah was on a Harley. This time it will be in a MH. Instead of spending a few days there, next time it will be a few weeks... enjoy the journey.

  3. Man, I love that area. Now you have me looking at the map to see if we can sneak a visit in this fall. I highly recommend Cassidy Arch. We did that trail and Navajo Knobs, but Navajo Knobs is a killer hike.

  4. We originally had wanted to travel thru Utah on this swing west, but I think it will have to be saved for another trip now. We want to take our time there, because we know there's a lot to see and do.
    Good for you on bypassing that ridiculous fuel station. Maybe if enough folks do that the greedy owner will have to cut his price.