Saturday, October 12, 2013

One Million Dollars

IMGDon’t we look happy standing in front of $1 million in $100 bills?  Did we hit it big in Vegas?  Did one of our lottery tickets finally come in?  Did we win the prize for being the one millionth customer?  Or, was it none of the above?  If you picked “none of the above”, you made the correct call.  At Binion’s, one of the downtown casinos, their main attraction to pull you in is this real display of one million dollars.  And they even take your picture for free standing behind it.  As it is all enclosed in plexiglass and there are always lots of people around, it might be difficult to make off with any of it.  And it would take quite a carrying case to boot.


It is hard to believe we have been here two weeks already.  Time flies when you are in Las Vegas, even for an extended stay.  So how is our self-proclaimed poker pro doing.  Well, he seems to tell a new tale of woe after he comes back from each tournament.  One day he had aces in the hole, saw another ace come on the flop and wound up chopping the pot as all five cards on the board were clubs.  He apparently has been outdrawn a number of times when he has had monster hands and was the overwhelming favorite.  But he did break through this week, cashing in fifth place in a 48-person tournament.  This was a “bounty tournament” where you earn $20 for each player you knock out.  He won $185 for fifth and $60 in bounties, but he is only about half way to even.  But with his card counting skills fully sharpened again, he has yet to have a losing session at blackjack.  I have been using the coupon book that we purchased and taking advantage of its free play and match play coupons.  That has helped to mitigate a bit my other losses in the machines.  In total, we really aren’t down very much for this being our sixteenth day here.

This is the casino guide/coupon book we purchased.  If you are in Vegas for just a long weekend, it may not help a lot, but for an extended stay, it has paid for itself a few times over:

We don’t spend all that much time gambling.  Our Detroit Tigers are keeping us busy watching their games and we enjoy having a brewery right here at the hotel where we are camped.  We have been out and about the city doing some needed shopping in stores, off Craigslist, and even some garage sales.  We’ll have to report more later on some of our great buys.

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