Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pawn Stars

100_5802We are fans of the TV show Pawn Stars.  We have been watching it since it launched back in 2009.  It has become one of the highest rated reality TV shows.  And it has become quite the tourist attraction here in Las Vegas.  Anytime we have been close to the place there have been lines out of the sidewalk waiting to be allowed inside.  The day we went, there was a fairly short wait of 5 to 10 minutes. 

We had read more than a few reports about the place which said it was a rather small shop with not all the much merchandise for sale.  The reports were true.  There is a center aisle with some display cases on either side and a car and a couple motorcycles in the back in an expansion to the front room.  There is a small alcove off the entrance where there is a counter and a couple desks, but we were not convinced this is even the area where the desk shots are filmed for the series.  And of course there is a ton of t-shirts and other trinkets and trash for sale as well.  None of the stars of the show were there during our visit.  We figured it would actually be a major disruption to business if they were at the shop.  We are guess that they likely now only show up for tapings.  We did see the collection of Super Bowl rings.



As we reported way back in one of our first ever blogs not long before we actually hit the road as full timers, we visited the Detroit home of the Hardcore Pawn TV show.  How many can say that they have been to the sites of both Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn?  Perhaps a better question would be why would anyone want to visit both of these places?  But we have, so there you go.

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  1. I like the show as well, but reality sounds like a bit let down.