Thursday, October 31, 2013

Twisted Farm Food

We haven’t written about a local food delicacy for awhile.  What would be the food delicacy of Las Vegas – the casino buffet?

We did find a meal that we need to reflect on.  At one end of Fremont Street is the Heart Attack Grill which we previously reported on.  At the other end in the Plaza Hotel is a restaurant called Hash House a Go Go.  Apparently this chain began in San Diego and there are about 4 of them in Las Vegas and they are in a few other cities as well.  The founder must have been a Hoosier as he bills his fare as “twisted farm food” and there is a dish with name Kokomo in it.  And they have a true Indiana delicacy on the menu, the deep-fried pork tenderloin sandwich.  We reported on this delicacy from a visit to Indiana in September last year.  You take a piece of pork tenderloin, pound it out thin, bread it, and deep fry it.  A proper Indiana tenderloin sandwich should have as much tenderloin sticking out side the bun as under it.

2013-10-26_19-25-09_557So here is a “twisted farm food” version of the pork tenderloin sandwich.  Thank God we only ordered one of these for the two of us.  And what is that dish setting next to the sandwich that looks like an order of hash?  That is a dish of horseradish mashed potatoes.

Twisted farm food seems an appropriated description.

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  1. They are indeed from Indiana. They were on TV with either Guy Fieri or Adam Richman. You should be able to find the show on YouTube.