Thursday, October 24, 2013

The New Hundred Dollar Bill

You probably have heard the news reports that the US Treasury is releasing a new hundred dollar bill with new security measures to make it yet more difficult to counterfeit.  So what better place is there for getting bills into circulation than Las Vegas?  It didn’t take long before we were issued one at the casino cage.  Fortunately we had some chips to cash in.  So, here it is in all it’s glory.


The blue stripe on the front is pretty cool.  It is woven into the paper and is not just printed.  It alternates in a moving pattern between liberty bells and 100s as you rotate it slightly.  Here is a link to an article in USA Today about other features of the new bill

Sure hope this post doesn’t get me in trouble.  But the IRS was probably listening to my phone calls and monitoring my emails already. 

I hope I win a whole bunch of these!


  1. funny!! we cant get away from them.

  2. I once saw a hundred dollar bill, but never walked out of a casino with one - good luck and win a suitcase full.