Thursday, October 3, 2013

Urban Camping

We have visited a lot of cities in our travels.  Visiting a city poses the problem of just where to camp.  Generally we are out in the suburbs and are traveling to the city either via our car or by some form(s) of public transportation.  About the closest in campground we ever had for a city was in Denver where we stayed at very nice trailer park/rv park in the city of Englewood, about a mile or two from the Denver city limits.  We also were pretty close to downtown Little Rock as we were just across the river in North Little Rock and had a clear view of the city skyline, but we were camped along the Arkansas River and it didn’t seem like the city.  We also camped within Nashville, at the State Fairgrounds, but that was such a crappy place that that we left there after one night.

Well, Las Vegas is by far our most urban camping yet.  You can’t be anymore downtown than we are.  We are at the RV park of the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino, one of the downtown hotels.  The park is on the other side of the downtown freeway from the hotel, which creates a fair bit of traffic noise and the “park” is really just a paved parking lot.  Also, there is a fire station across the street from our site and we have a few sirens-blaring runs originate there every day and night.


But lest you think we don’t like it here and are about to move on – not a chance.  We are booked here for at least 30 days and we love it here.  Our site is at the end of a row so we have our own little desert landscape/patio area right out our front door.  And we also have a nice view of the only clump of trees in the park.  Just across that freeway and couple blocks walk is the famous Fremont Street, the original casino boom area of Las Vegas and now the home of The Fremont Street Experience with its light shows and entertainment nightly  And our camp site is only $16 a day.


There is a stop for the city bus system right outside the park and we purchased one-month passes.  The downtown bus center is only a couple stops away and we can get anywhere in the city very easily.

Las Vegas is one of the places we would actually consider for when we come off the road.  At least we might be able to get family to come visit us.  We will have a good look while we are here.

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  1. If you have to urban camp...why not Vegas, one of my favorite cities.