Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Family Visit in Vegas

IMG_0406Mark of “pulling a Mark” fame wasn’t the only person we know who we saw in Vegas.  I was catching up with Facebook one day and remarked to Gary, My nephew Chuck is here in Las Vegas.  So I sent him a message and while he was here he and his friend Amanda came downtown to visit with us. 


100_9376It was the first trip to Vegas for either of them and, of course, was an exciting time for them.  To make matters even better, Chuck hit a slot machine for a very good win early on in their stay.  And they were doing it all  They hit the strip but also visited Red Rocks and Hoover Dam and were also planning to go down to Arizona to the Sky Walk at the west rim of the Grand Canyon.  I went to Fremont Street with them and we saw the Viva Vision and the picture-for-hire people.  We also went to see the swimming pool at the Golden Nugget that has a clear water slide that passes through a shark tank

100_4572We also exited our motor home one day and looked over a few spaces and saw a familiar fifth wheel.  A year ago in Livingston, Texas we were just about the same distance from the same fifth wheel in an Escapees RV Park.  At the right is the picture we took of Jim and Renee at last year’s Thanksgiving potluck.  We were supposed to meet up with them on Halloween on Fremont Street, but it was such a madhouse that we never made the connection.  But it sounds like our travels will cross again a couple more times in the coming months.

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