Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Shirt Off Gary’s Back–For $40?

IMG_0343We made another foray to the strip and hit the Bellagio buffet for the third time.  We also caught a bit of a lounge show at Harrah’s featuring “Big Elvis”.  This big Elvis is really big, once tipping the scales at over 500 pounds.  He has done over 7,000 lounge shows in his career.  Big Elvis mainly sits in his Big Elvis chair, but he does put on a great performance.




IMG_0336We also walked through the Flamingo Hotel to tour their gardens that feature what else – pink Flamingos.







IMG_0365We passed this one store in the Flamingo selling men’s clothing that was, well, way out there.  They had extreme paisley sports coats, every form of ruffled shirt imaginable, and the craziest shoes we ever had seen.  We asked the salesperson just who buys this stuff, and he informed us that is it largely the club crowd that want something extreme to wear when hitting the clubbing circuit.  Gary spotted the sale rack where he scored this shirt for 75% off its tagged price of $48.  At $12, he had to have it.  The next day, he wore it to the poker table.  One guy became so enamored with it that he offered Gary $40 for it and an exchange of the t-shirt he was wearing.  The money was actually out there on the table.  It is tough to turn down such a profit, but Gary really likes the shirt and didn’t want to make another trip down to the Flamingo.  He told the guy where we purchased it and of all things he gave Gary a breakfast bar for the information.  I have to say, this shirt certainly attracts a lot of attention and commentary.


  1. you should go back and buy a dozen of them just in case...

  2. Leeanne told me at the time of purchase that I should have bought two; they had it in powder blue as well.

  3. I do believe you have a pair of shoes that match.

    1. Unfortunately, I don't have those any longer. I would be perfectly coordinated. :-)