Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pawn Stars Spinoffs

Just as we watch the show Pawn Stars, we have also been watching its spinoffs – Rick’s Restorations and Count’s Kustoms.  So if we visited the pawn shop, we might as well visit their shops as well.


IMG_0296Neither one was too far from our downtown location.  First we headed over to Rick’s.  They gave us a guided tour of the facilities.  That consisted mainly of walking down an L-shaped hallway and peering in a few windows of work rooms.  We saw “Cowboy” in the woodshop building a crate.  But we also happened by on a day that they were doing some taping so we caught glimpses of Rick, Kelly, and Tyler as well.




IMG_0311From Rick’s we proceeded over to Count’s.  You don’t get to see the workshop (best we can tell, there is not a great deal to it).  But there is a collection of Count’s cars and motorcycles that you tour and just as at the pawn shop and at Rick’s, there is a large selection of apparel and trinkets and trash that you can purchase.


  1. I wonder why we didn't go to those other places... I know Jeff would have wanted to. We did go to Pawn Stars but that was it. Maybe we will get a chance on our next trip to Vegas on our way back to Oregon.

  2. Either we both have good taste in TV or we are all crazy. But we certainly recognize all these people you are talking about. I was especially interested in your post about Pawn Stars--Gold and Silver Pawn.