Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving With Escapees

100_9521One of the reasons we came to this RV park was to have a place to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.  As we indicated in a recent post, when we called to check availability they asked us to join the Thanksgiving potluck before we even had the chance to ask if they were having one.  We estimate about 150 of us gathered in the Activity Center.  We all contributed to buy the turkeys and everything else was potluck.  I was anxious to do a little cooking so I didn’t make just one dish – I made three.  I made a dressing that has spicy sausage, apples, and chestnuts in it.  My pumpkin pie was perfect if I say so myself.  And I also mixed up some sliced cucumbers in sour cream.


100_9522We had some nice conversation over Thanksgiving dinner and all came away stuffed to the gills.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time.  Tomorrow they will have a potluck supper to help all of us rid ourselves of all these leftovers.  But I still have a hankering to cook so I thought I would make jalapeno pie.  Gary got some of the leftover turkey – enough that he will be able to make his leftover turkey soup one of these days.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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  1. looks like a nice event. Two years ago we spent Thanksgiving in the RV and really enjoyed the get together.