Monday, November 4, 2013

A Very Vegas Halloween

100_9311We extended our stay in Vegas so that we could be here for Halloween.  We figured this might just be a good place to enjoy a Halloween party.  In celebration of the ghoulish season, I carved a couple of different pumpkins.  I always have been a pumpkin carver so why stop just because we live on the road.


100_9299And what the heck, as long as I am carving a pumpkin, I might as well make a pumpkin pie.  But no, I didn’t use any of the pumpkin from the carving for the pie.  I used the canned pumpkin pie filling just like everyone else.  It was a very tasty pie with a perfect crust if I say so myself.




IMG_0259We had worn our masks a few times on Fremont Street in the week leading up to Halloween.  There were a few other people wearing masks but it was mainly the picture-for-hire crowd that was in costume.  So we really didn’t know what to expect on Halloween night.  But it was pretty amazing and a lot of fun.  Fremont street was packed with people like we never had seen before.  There had to be two or three times more than any crowd we had previously observed.  The 100_9409majority were in some form of costume that ran the gamut from simple face paints to outlandish costumes.  We all were taking each other’s pictures.  We “photo bombed” more than a few shots.  Gary “photo bombed” a Japanese tourist not in costume who was having his picture taken by his wife.  She gladly played along and took the shot.  When she showed it to him, he laughed hugely and  then proceeded to thank Gary profusely for joining in his picture.  There was a fun musical and dance group appearing on stage – Frank and the Steins.  The Viva Vision canopy had a special Halloween edition as well.  Here are a few of the best costumes that we saw and you can click on the following link to see all our Vegas Halloween pictures:



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