Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bloggers And A Local Delicacy


20140304_192613Last night we met up with Jim, of the Jim and Bev Blog  So, you might well ask why we didn’t meet up with Bev as well.  Bev had traveled to the deep freeze of the Midwest to visit her mother so we only met half of this dynamic duo.  As Jim described it, “we made him put on some clean underwear and get out of the motor home” while he was batching it in Bev’s absence.

We have been following their blog for several months.  We don’t remember exactly what caused us to start following it, but we did find out they had a fondness for craft beers, one of our passions.  They had given us tips on the best places for craft beer in Salt Lake City, their home before full timing.

We met at the Barrio Brewing Company here in Tucson and had a lot of interesting conversation over a few IPAs.  We had read there was a food delicacy of this region and we saw it on the menu at Barrio and had to give it a try – the Sonoran hot dog.  Here is the description taken directly from their menu and a picture of this delicacy as well:

The Sonoran Dog

20140304_185808A Tucson classic. Wrapped in bacon then grilled and topped with tender pinto beans, grilled onions, diced tomato, a dab of mustard, and chipotle mayo. Served with a roasted hot yellow pepper upon request.

Typically when you see beans on a hot dog you think you are going to be biting into a spicy chili.  Not on this dog – just as it says in the description, there are tender pinto beans – and lots of them – but no chili.  We still prefer the Detroit Coney Dog – which has the chili and without the beans, but we are always game for our local delicacies.




In our travels we find the occasional unique bathroom as well.  Another one of the breweries in Tucson has one of these with its sink mounted into beer keg and a beer tap as the faucet.  At least with the single handle, there is no illusion that there will be any hot water.


  1. Meeting fellow bloggers is my favorite part of the blogging experience. Love the sink.

  2. Hey, this is Bev! Sorry I missed you at Barrio, but at least it got up to near 40 degrees today where I am, for a change. It's a heat wave. Jim said he had a great time. Thanks for getting him out of the rig!

    1. Wish you could have been there. We had a great conversation over some excellent ales.

  3. Great meeting you. Hope we get a chance to meet up again when Bev can join us.