Sunday, March 30, 2014

Guess Where We Are -- Again

DSCN0855So let’s see, we moved north from Tucson to Phoenix and then northwest to Lake Havasu followed by another northerly move to Kingman.  So obviously we are starting our northward migration.  And what is north of Kingman.  Well, enough of this huge suspense.  As if if isn’t obvious, we are back in Las Vegas.

DSCN0847We took a bit of a longer way from Kingman to Las Vegas, passing through Laughlin, Nevada.  We didn’t go that way to stop at any of the Laughlin casinos, but rather we wanted to test further the repairs that had been made on our cooling fan system back at the shop in Tucson.  There is about a 3,000 foot drop down to the Colorado River and an equal climb back up the other side.  The new fan controller worked liked a charm and we now have confidence in it for our tour this year of Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia  and back South.

We are also back at the RV Park of the Main Street Station Casino where we stayed in September and October.  We gave up the 50 amp electrical service we had the last time for 30 amp service this time but gained the shade of some trees in the deal and moved just a bit farther away from the freeway.  It seems to be a good trade as it very likely won’t be necessary to run two ACs.


Gary already has won one small poker tournament and of course we have made our way back to the 777 Brewery at Main Street Station.  Ahhhhh Vegas.

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  1. I thought you were going to say Quartzite....but it was Las Vegas. We haven't been there in many many years. Will have to save that stop for another time. Looks like nice weather there. Good luck at the poker tables!