Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Greasewood Flat

IMG_0530After we rolled into Phoenix and set up camp, we recalled that Gary’s high school classmate who we had visited here back in January said he played in a band on the weekends at some place called Greasewood Flat.  We looked it up and sure enough that band was on the schedule so over to the Scottsdale area we went.


IMG_0534We didn’t know quite what to expect from a place called Greasewood Flat.  In its advertising it says it was voted one of the “oldest, quirkiest and most classic bars in America”.




IMG_0535It seems back in 1955 a Scottsdale resident bought a 45-acre parcel of ranch land out of a much larger ranch.  The property included a couple of buildings, one of which became a café for awhile.  They decided to slow down a bit so they refurbished the bunkhouse, bought some picnic tables, built an outdoor dance floor as a little party place away from the bustle of downtown Scottsdale.   The outdoor dance hall has been in operation since 1975.  Oh, the name comes from the greasewood shrub which is native to the area.

We watched and listened as Steve and his band played three sets of music as people danced, ate and drank at the picnic tables, warmed by the oil drum stoves, and enjoyed the Arizona night sky.  And we found another video of his guitar playing (lead guitar player in the blue shirt): 

IMG_0537-001The land that the dance hall sits on was sold to settle the estate taxes of the owner.  The outdoor dance hall now is operating on a one-year lease.  Apparently the upscale development that has taken place in the immediate surrounding area has led to the neighbors now wanting Greasewood Flat closed.  From what we saw, that would be a major shame.  We signed the petition in support of it remaining open.  If they have to, maybe they can draw on the “wallpaper” in the old bunkhouse.

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  1. The name sounds like a place I would be drawn to.