Friday, March 28, 2014

We Have Water!

IMG_0581No, we did not not have a problem with the water system of our motor home.  We have water in the form of a spring on the raw land that we own in Kingman. Arizona.  After we left Lake Havasu City, we moved just over an hour north to Kingman for a few days.  We reported back in November on our visit to the “ranch” on our way south into Arizona.  But at that time the battery on our GPS was no longer holding a charge and we couldn’t use it outside of the car and couldn’t use it to try to locate the spring that at least used to be on the property.  We had a satellite image that suggested the tanks related to the spring were still there at least and we had the coordinates of those tanks, but without a GPS we had been unable to find them.  We had seen some old tanks along the side of a road leading back into the property and we were afraid that they were the tanks from our property  which had been removed as perhaps the spring no longer functioned.  (There is cattle ranching all through the old master ranch from which we bought the property.)

IMG_0579We had chosen a realtor to list our property for sale based on the fact that she and her husband own a remote ranch property with a rustic cabin in the general vicinity of our property.  When we called her to talk about the listing, she volunteered to drive us back to continue our quest to try to find the spring.  So we did not have to rent a pickup truck this time.


IMG_0569With our new GPS, we were able to locate the tanks and the first one we came upon was full of water.  We traced the water line up to a spot where it came up out of the ground and found the other older no-longer-used tank nearby as well.

We felt it would be important to be able to advertise in the real estate listing that there is a working spring, but we couldn’t just rely on Gary’s visit of 35 years ago to that spring to be make that claim.  But now we know the spring is there and working.  Just think, when California breaks off from an earthquake and falls into the ocean, this could be your future Pacific beachfront property.

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  1. Ocean front property in Arizona sounds like a great selling point.