Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Too Much Free Camping In Tucson

One of our main missions for the Tucson area was to have a whole bunch of annual maintenance and repairs done at a shop there.  The brand of motor home that we own, Country Coach, is no longer made so there are no dealers who sell them.  Although some of the the dealers who used to sell them still work on them, then tend to favor their current customers and the brands they have sold them.  We tend to seek out independent service shops not tied to a dealership and especially those with people who have expertise with Country Coaches.  Such places do exist and they are very good but they are a bit few and far between.

DSCN0750There is one very good such place with an outstanding reputation in Tucson – Premier Motor Coach Services.  One of the owners was a Country Coach field service representative and has great recommendations from the ownership base.  We called about a month in advance for an appointment and they had to scramble a bit to work us into the schedule.  When we arrived, we found that they were somewhat behind schedule.  Further, although we had sent them our list, it didn’t seem they had fully grasped the extent of our list until we got there – our motor home is 12 years old now and needs its TLC.  So it was clear that it was going to take awhile and that we were going to have to be patient. 

The first day, a week ago Thursday, was largely the process of converting our list into a work order.  The second day,  they started on some of the interior items.  But then it was the weekend so we just continued to live in the motor home in their lot.  They performed more interior work on Monday which largely finished that list.  Unfortunately on Tuesday all the chassis service bays were all still busy and stayed that way.  Wednesday saw us rolled into a service bay and a number of items knocked off the list.  Thursday they completed the chassis list and we settled up the bill, but it was too late to head out to somewhere else.

On Friday morning we left the service shop.  We had spent 11 nights in Tucson and 8 of them had been in the lot of the service shop.  We have learned that when you are in the service shop you stay at the service shop in case questions about the work come up as they always do. Our schedule didn’t allow us to spend more time in Tucson, so we rolled north to our next destination of Phoenix.

We got some very important service work completed.  It was performed very professionally and efficiently.  We were glad they were able to work us in even if the work had to stretch out over several days.  And of course the camping is “free” while you are having all this service work done.


  1. Always is good to get items fixed on the repair/maintenance list. Hope you had a good time while you were in the Tucson area. Lots to do there.

  2. Sounds like it worked out okay to stay in their campground.

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