Friday, November 4, 2011

2,000 Horses At Our Campground?

When our Myrtle Beach campground allowed us to store our motor home while we went north for the wedding, we did have to move to a different camp site as they told us the one we were on was already booked for the horses.  Huh?   We had to get an explanation.  They told us when we got back it would be the start of the 30th annual Beach Ride to benefit the American Heart Association.  In part, we decided to stay on a few more days to experience this event, but then it is not hard to get us to spend some more time at the ocean as well.  Well, in rolled 2,000 horses and their owners occupying 800 camp sites.  It is amazing around here.  There are horses everywhere.  They set up corrals of all different sorts and there are all different kinds of rigs ranging from people in tents to combo horse/travel trailers to luxury motor homes pulling horse trailers.  It is a $150 minimum donation per rider to participate plus the cost of the campsite.  There are two horses in a corral right outside our driver side windows.  While we are enjoying the event, Alley cat seems a bit afraid of the activity of these beautiful large animals.

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