Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veterans Day at The Citadel

While we were in Charleston, we didn’t see or read much about The Citadel University in any of the travel literature.  We only decided to visit there after reading a blog post from our “full-timing classmates”, the heydukes.  They had recently visited there and reported on it their blog,

 The Citadel is one of six senior military colleges in the US.  Basically theese universities have military colleges and all students in that college are cadets and ROTC is mandatory, but a military commission upon graduation is not required.  In some of the six universities, the military college is a small percentage of the total student body (Texas A&M) to universities where most students are in the military college (The Citadel). And at Virgina Military Institute all students must be in the military college. 

The Citadel is a highly rated engineering school.  The campus is built around a parade field.  The cadets parade every Friday.  We went for a special parade as it was Veterans Day and Homecoming weekend.

They have a tradition of class rings at The Citadel, but his one seems to be taking that tradition a bit to the extreme.

And check out the machine that some members of the audience arrived in.

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  1. we really enjoyed our visit to the Citadel... glad you guys did too...