Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Titusville, Florida -- Our Winter Destination

We reserved a spot in a Florida RV park for the winter.  We had debated whether to travel around Florida staying a month each in four different spots or just spending the whole four-month period in one spot.  As we had been to many different places in Florida over the years, we didn’t feel like we needed to travel about to see it again so we picked just one spot.  Gary had communicated in an online forum about a skid plate to go under the engine in our motor home.  Come to find out, that same person had two lots in an RV park in Titusville, near Cape Canaveral, exactly the area we had been thinking about for our stay.

We weren’t scheduled to arrive here until December 1, but while we were in Jacksonville we were looking for one more park to stay in, but it seemed a lot of parks were booked up for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  We knew the lot we would be staying in was empty, so we called and arranged an earlier arrival.  Maybe we will leave a bit earlier in March too, although that will be Spring Training time for baseball here in Florida.

Here is a link for our park:

And here is a picture of our site – check out that palm tree:



  1. Looks like a nice spot. Can't wait to see more pics of the park. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. looks like you landed a nice spot..