Tuesday, November 22, 2011


From Savannah, we moved south again, this time into very northern Florida to the city of Jacksonville.  We didn’t find a whole lot to do but fairly close to us was an Anheuser Busch brewery so we took the tour.  While we were waiting for our tour, people kept arriving at the tour center that seemed to be known by the receptionist and were headed to the gift shop.  As the receptionist knew them, we figured they must have been employees, but why were they all headed to the gift shop?  At the end of our tour there was a hospitality center where you could taste some of the Anheuser Busch products – and there were all of the “gift shoppers”.  Seems you can just show up, say you are going to the gift shop and head to the hospitality center for up to two free beers a day no questions asked.   It was like happy hour at Cheers with Norm, Cliffy, Frazier and all the other regulars.

We stayed at a campground that at times was in the flight path of the city’s airport.  It was noisy but it wasn’t too bad.  Also housed at the same airport was a Florida Air National Guard unit.  Believe me; you know it when four straight F15 fighter jets blast over the top of your RV.  Wow, those things are loud.    We won’t camp there again.

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