Tuesday, November 8, 2011

North Carolina Pottery

On our way back from Ohio to Myrtle Beach we were passing through southern North Carolina south of Greensboro.  We had passed through this area before and had seen signs for North Carolina Pottery.  This time we stopped in the town of Seagrove.  We found that there are more than 100 potters in the area, many with roots back to the 1700’s.  It seems native and immigrant potters had been attracted to the area because of its clay.  We stopped at one store, a museum, and a store/studio.   One thing that caught our eye was a small cake pot with a recipe for a quarter pound cake.  The Boone family is famous, well at least within the Boone family, for its pound cake, which is really a 4 pound cake made of a pound each of butter, flour, sugar, and eggs.  But that is way too big of a cake for two people on the road so we bought the quarter pound cake pot and cut down the Boone family recipe.  It may take a little more experimentation, but if they are lucky, a quarter pound cake will show up at the family Christmas-- and far more of the appropriate size.

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