Monday, May 21, 2012

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster was our base for exploring Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Our campground backed up to a couple of farms and the aroma reminded us a bit of our campground in Myrtle Beach when all the horses for the beach ride showed up.  The road in front of our campground was a major thoroughfare for horse and buggy rigs.  Some of the horses were majestic.  We toured the countryside and passed through the towns of Intercourse and Bird In Hand.  Intercourse claims that its city’s signs are the most stolen of anywhere in the country.  We saw Amish and Mennonites working their fields with horse teams.

One afternoon we went out for a tour of covered bridges.  Lancaster County claims to have the second most number of covered bridges of any county in the country.  And the highest is not Madison County of Iowa, but Parke County of Indiana.



We went to a Dutch buffet one night and had our first ever tastes of shoofly pie and oatmeal pie.  The main ingredient of the filling  for shoofly pie is molasses and at least from what we read it gets its name from people having to shoo away flies from the sweetness of the molasses.  But we gave the nod to the oatmeal pie and might actually try making that one sometime.

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