Thursday, May 3, 2012

Two Weeks In Washington, DC

100_1643Sunday we rolled out of North Carolina and into Virginia near Washington, DC.  We are excited about spending an extended amount of time in DC.  We each have been here a few times, but there never seems to be enough time to explore the many things this area has to offer.   There aren’t many campgrounds in the DC area.  The best one runs around $60 to $70 a night and we were about to bite the bullet and stay there, but a last search turned up another one we thought we would be ok with at half the price.   They warned us that we would likely have to park the motor home corner to corner on the pad to fit and that was true.  The first space they put us on was not level enough for us to be able to level the coach.  We tried three different times and were becoming more than a bit frustrated.  We scouted out the other available spaces and found another more level but shorter one to try.  We are in there at about a 45 degree angle but at least we were able to make it fit and were able to level as well.

2012-04-30_14-27-10_90Our first day we stayed local in northern Virginia and went to the relatively new Marine Corp Museum.  It is a very impressive building and the displays do a great job of telling the chronological story of the Marines.  We were able to get a shot of one of those human fighting machines.  Doesn’t she look ferocious?





0430121626We also took in the historic town of Fredericksburg, Virgina.  Two civil war battles were fought in the area and they have a well preserved downtown historic district with may structures from the 1800s.

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