Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sooooo Much Smithsonian

We have been so busy seeing so many things that there just has not been enough hours in the day for blogging.  Over the course of last Friday, Saturday and Sunday we estimate that we walked at least 25 miles.  We took in the American History Museum, the Natural History Museum, the American Art Museum, the Air and Space Museum at the Mall, the National Portrait Gallery, the Postal Museum, the Botanical Gardens, and the American Indian Museum.  Along the way we also walked by Union Station, the Capitol, the House and Senate Office Buildings, the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress and many of edifices.  Whew.

100_1776It will take awhile before we can post all of our DC photos.  We got a real kick out of one exhibit at the American History Museum.  There was a display of an RV (travel trailer) that had this sign next to it.  We guess some things never change.



100_1808We always enjoy the mineral exhibit at the Natural History Museum.  The star attraction is the Hope Diamond, but we pay particular attention to all the stones from Brazil.  We lived there for three years and acquired our own small collection of geodes, rocks, and a few semi precious stones.  But take a look at these Brazilian topazes.  The blue one in the upper left is 7,033 carats and the light brown one in the lower left is 7,725 carats.  The small one in the upper right – just a mere 571 carats.



100_1944The Portrait Gallery featured an Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe.  The various galleries house paintings and sculptures from virtually all of the European masters and famous artists of the United States.






100_2281Another facility which has opened since the last time we explored DC is the Museum of the American Indian.  It is one of the most dramatic structures in Washington.  Gary’s father used to find many arrowheads in the fields of his farm.  We really enjoyed all the Indian artifacts at this museum.  It not only tells the history of the American Indians but also relates the current conditions and issues of many of the tribes.


  1. visit the Holocaust Museum... bring tissues...

  2. We visited the Holocaust Museum about 10 years ago and it is very stirring. We weren't yet ready to go back.