Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Sweetest Place On Earth


Well, at least as the town of Hershey, PA bills itself on the billboard at the edge of town. It was raining our first day here in the Lancaster area so we headed out for what we thought would be a tour of a Hershey Chocolate Company factory.  At the Hershey Chocolate World, there is a tour, but the tour is of a simulated factory, not a real factory.  Now what they really have is a ton of Hershey’s chocolate for sale at the end of the tour.  And we now are in possession of our fair share of it.

100_2378The town of Hershey is cool.  Not only do they have their billboards at the edges of the town, they have a street called Chocolate Avenue, and their street lights are in the shape of Hershey’s Kisses.

And we did happen so see a sign for a casino a few miles away, and as it was still raining, we went and had a little luck too

Our pictures of Hershey are at:

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