Sunday, May 27, 2012

New York City

Thirty six years ago, to be exact, Gary lived and worked in Manhattan for a year.  We have been there two or three times over the years.  Gary can navigate the city very readily on public transportation.  And that is just what we did this time too.  We used the rail station outside our campground and took the train in to Grand Central Station in the heart of the city.  From there we used the subway and bus systems as well as our legs to explore many parts of the city.

100_5337When we have gone to the city, we have enjoyed taking in a Broadway show.  Our first day in the city was Wednesday which is a matinee day for Broadway.  We first went to the half price booth in Times Square.  They had two tickets for Mamma Mia for a total of $170.  Half price?  We weren’t about to pay that much and for a show we weren’t super thrilled to see, so we walked on.  We passed by the theater which had our top choice for a show – Wicked.  A woman on the sidewalk asked us if we were looking for tickets. We nod and our negotiations begin.  We were not real thrilled buying theater tickets on a Broadway sidewalk, but the tickets had an authentic look with the right day and time.  We took the chance, held our breath a bit with the ticket taker, but wound up sitting in orchestra seats and got a really great price.  We hadn’t seen Wicked when it had passed through Detroit, and somehow it always seems better on Broadway anyway.  We really enjoyed the production.

100_5383We saw a number of things including Ground Zero, the new Yankee Stadium, the apartment building where Gary once lived, the Flatiron Building, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Bloomingdale’s, Central Park, the Plaza Hotel, Fifth Avenue Shops, Times Square,  the Trump Tower, and more.  We passed up the museums and galleries this time after all the ones we recently had seen.  We will be on our way to Boston soon and that will be our last major city for awhile thereafter and we now are looking for some easier going times.

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