Sunday, May 13, 2012

Side Trip to Annapolis and Baltimore


100_2010.2We used DC as a base to explore some of the surrounding area as well.  One day we made Maryland our destination.  We took in Annapolis, the State Capital of Maryland and the home of the United States Naval Academy.  One of our highlights was snapping this picture of John Paul Jones, the first major figure in US Naval operations.  We toured the campus and visited their museum.  The museum houses some of the finest ship models in the world.  We also drove by the state Capitol Building.  It is the oldest continuously used  state capitol building in the States.  It has a large wooden dome on the top of the building which is held together with pegs and metal straps – and no nails.


100_2079From Annapolis, we drove on, in the rain, to Baltimore.  We stopped for a look at Fort McHenry whose repulsion of a siege by the British Fleet in the War of 1812 was the inspiration for the Star Spangled Banner.  We had already seen the flag that flew over the Fort in a museum in DC.  We saw Baltimore’s football and baseball stadiums. We were a little too late to go into the Railroad Museum, but did see many of their engines and cars in the yard surrounding the building.  We also saw the house where Edgar Allen Poe lived when in Baltimore.  On the way back, we stopped in College Park and met up with another full timing couple who had also spent the Winter in the same RV park in Florida.  They are following almost the same route we are up the east coast and into Canada and we hope to catch up with them again along the way.

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