Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mailbox Sweet Mailbox

100_4550One of our taglines is “home is where we park it”, as we are always on the road and sooner or later moving on to our next destination.  But we do have a domicile in Texas which includes a mailbox that is also the address on our Texas drivers licenses, voter registrations (we voted by absentee ballots), vehicle titles and registrations, etc.


100_4563On Monday we rolled into our Texas home.  We are camped in the Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park which is where our mailbox is located.  Said differently, we are visiting our mailbox.  No mail forwarding for the next three weeks.  We can just walk up to the mail window and ask for our mail each day if we want, not that we get much “snail mail” anyway.  Our lost mail package finally arrived in ALABMAM.  But at least it has been forwarded and hopefully will catch up with us sometime – 21 days and counting.



100_4553The weather is just fantastic here this week with daily high temperatures approaching 80 degrees which are near record highs.  We updated our local channels feed on Directv to Houston which should work for us through the Winter and into the Spring.



100_4558Texas requires annual vehicle inspections and ours had expired in August.  That is OK as long as you get a new inspection whenever you get back into the State.  Gary took the car for its inspection today.  It’s not that much of an inspection but they make you show current proof of insurance before they will even start.  They do check the brakes, all the lights, the tread depth of the tires, the operation of the wipers and some other stuff.  It probably does cause some repairs to be made and keeps a few hoopties off the road.  We will have the motor home inspected when we move on from our current location. 

We will participate in a Thanksgiving potluck with our fellow Escapees and we will take in some of the activities in the park. All in all, It’s great to be back at the mailbox again!

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