Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Amazing Bottle Openers

In our stay here at the home of our mailbox, we have been to a number of dinners.  We take one of our super duper bottle openers with us each time and they never cease to amaze.  The conversation usually goes something like this:

100_4586“What is that?”

“A bottle opener”

“But it is a stick with a screw in it”

“Here let us show you how it works”

“Wow, that is amazing”

So goes the saga of our amazing bottle openers.  So, where did we come up with the design for this amazing invention?  We stole it of course.  For a three-year period we lived and worked in the country of Brazil.  One time when we were traveling, we passed through a craft market.  We saw these sticks with screws in them.  So we asked, “what is that?”………………   So we bought one and said someday we will make some of those ourselves and we did.  We even gave them as Christmas presents one year.

100_4587Oh, and how does it work?  Just look at the picture. You slide the bottom side of the head of the screw in under the edge of the cap, and push down on the other end of the handle and voila.   “Wow, that is amazing.”


  1. Ingenious idea,Now if we could just get the politicians in Washington, to steal the health care system from Canada we would be okay.. Sam & Donna..

  2. to heck with the opener give me the St Arnold...