Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving with 125 Escapees

100_4565No, we didn’t host the prison runaways.  We shared Thanksgiving with our RV Club, Escapees.  We wanted to be somewhere with people for Thanksgiving and targeted our “home base” of Escapees’ Rainbow’s End RV Park.  When we were at Betty’s we met a couple, Dan and Jenny, who were leaving Betty’s and headed to Rainbow’s End the day before us.  They were to hook up with Dennis and Carol, the former owners of an RV Driving School that we were somewhat familiar with.  Gary contacted Dennis and got us signed up for Thanksgiving dinner and to help with its preparations.  On Wednesday, we joined a group of people who carved 12 turkeys for the meal.  For a couple who are not turkey carvers, we didn’t do too bad of a job if we say so ourselves.  After the carving we got together with our new found friends for a dinner of gumbo.  Dan and Jenny are below left and Dennis and Carol below right.


100_4575Thursday was a great day.  We had tables of 12.  Each table was provided a platter of the turkey along with gravy, but from there the people at the table provided the food for that table.  I made the pumpkin pies for our table (my sister’s secret recipe).  It kept us from standing in long lines or worse being the last table called to get food.  Nearly everyone there was either a current or former full-time RVer so there was a natural affinity and plenty of stories to share. Thanksgiving on the road worked out mighty well.

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  1. We love Betty's, so much fun!! We spent last Thanksgiving in Livingston. It was really interesting to share Thanksgiving with so many people. This year we were on our own, just the two of us, at a COE park. Both are good. It's nice to be able to choose how to spend the holiday.