Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our First Mail Failure

As we have noted previously, we use a mail forwarding service to handle all of our “snail mail”.  Everything goes to a mailbox in Texas and is forwarded to us when we tell them to, wherever we are staying put for awhile.  And sometimes when we have an extended stay, we take the opportunity to have order up some items and have them shipped to us if the campground allows that.

While in southern Alabama, we had some parts for the motor home shipped to us out of Oregon general delivery at the local post office.  The pack was supposed to arrive within 7 days, a few days ahead of our departure.  But 10 days later it still hadn’t arrived and we were scheduled to leave the the next day.  We could have stayed, but the next day was Sunday, and Monday was a Veteran’s Day Postal holiday and we didn’t have any information from the tracking data that indicated when it was ever going to get there anyway.

We went to the Post Office to see what they could do for us, fearful that we might just be out of the $50 cost of the parts.  They indicated that they normally don’t forward such packages, but agreed that under these circumstances they owed us a forward and would do so.  We hope when we get to Texas and the home of our our mail forwarding box that the package/parts will be there.

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