Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thank You

We are thankful for all of the condolences we received about the death of Gary’s mother.  When living on the road and in an electronic age, condolences are conveyed in many different manners – via a blog, on Facebook, in emails, through phone calls, and in person at the funeral home.  But no matter what the medium, they were appreciated in a sad and tough time.

We received the call from Gary’s brother one day and were on the road the next.  Our trip from our campground in southern Alabama to Indiana and back totaled 1800 miles and we spent 5 nights in three different motels.  We had to take Alley cat with us.

Many people came by the funeral home and attended the funeral and funeral dinner.  Gary and his brother and sister each shared at the funeral one of their many memories of their mother.

You don’t sleep well in a period like this and with all the travel, we were extremely tired.  But we have recovered and have explored the local area a bit more before we start moving across Mississippi and Louisiana to Texas.

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