Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Few Cold Days At The Mailbox

In our last post, we noted that we moved from the paint shop in Nacogdoches, back down to Livingston and the Escapees Park.  We wanted to stop and pick up our mail.  We also needed to make some campground reservations down on the Gulf Coast.  We couldn’t really reserve until we knew were truly out of the shop and ready to travel again.  Campgrounds are notorious for refusing to give refunds so we try not to reserve until we know that we will be there as scheduled.

It has been darn cold down here.  This is the South.  It is not supposed to go down to freezing at night.  And it has been gray and unusually rainy for the season too.

For two people who have no fixed home, we have found that Livingston has grown on us somewhat and it does feel a bit like “home” in addition to being our legal domicile.  We attended the daily 4:00 social hour and the ice cream social Sunday night.  Most all the people at the park share the background of either being or having been full time RVers

2013-01-14_10-11-22_530Gary decided that because of the fuel problem we developed back in December that we should not only change the engine fuel filters again, but that we should also replace the fuel filters on the generator and diesel burner (the heart of our “furnace” system) as they both draw their fuel off the same infected but now treated fuel tank.  We arranged an appointment at a truck repair facility in Houston and had all of our preventative maintenance items done.

Get us to the Gulf!

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