Friday, January 4, 2013

Final Christmas and the Trip Back South

100_4725We had our final Christmas dinner in Indianapolis on the 29th with Gary’s family at his Sister’s house.  It was the first Christmas without Gary’s Mom.  She was missed.  But it was nice to see everyone and we were fortunate that it worked out with everyone’s schedule that we were able to find a time that we could get together.  In the right of the picture is our nice Karen who we visited and blogged about last Spring at Stamford University in Birmingham, Alabama.  She recently graduated with her BS in Nursing and will soon be taking her test for her Indiana Nursing License.

2012-12-29_15-43-35_364While we were in Indianapolis, we had a quick visit with Gary’s nephew in a hospital.  He developed a bronchial infection back in mid December and it only got worse to the point where he had to enter the hospital and he still was there when we passed through.  He was in an ICU wing.  Think there were enough monitors, machines and IV’s?

2012-12-31_18-02-57_603On our way back to Texas, we celebrated New Year’s Eve in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This was our third stop in Little Rock since we started full timing.  We like the city and it is easy and cheap to navigate with their tourist trolley system that runs on both sides of the Arkansas River in both Little Rock and North Little Rock.  We ate in an Irish pub and Gary had corned beef and cabbage, the Irish meal for good luck and prosperity in the new year.  Hope the Irish don’t mind that it was the evening before.

We arrived back in Texas on January 1, knowing that the paint work on the motor home wasn’t finished as scheduled.  We are having to stay on in a motel in Nacogdoches while they finish, but we are going to have some other work done here next Tuesday anyway so it is not a major inconvenience.  Once all of this is done, we will see what we can schedule campground wise for our stays in Port Aransas and the Rio Grande Valley.

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  1. we plan on staying in the Port Aransas/Rockport/Corpus Christi area after Jan 20 for a month if we can find a decent spot...