Saturday, January 26, 2013

Driving Into the Gulf…………Again

100_4782Nope, not back on the Ferry again, but this time we are backing our vehicle into the Gulf.  One thing we didn’t know about the beach here is that you can drive on it and then just park Gulf side.  The sand here certainly is not like in Alabama where it was white, fine, and deep.  Here it is brown, hard packed, and you can drive on it.  In fact there are driving lanes along the dunes that are considered Texas highway.  It is quite the hike from our motor home at the RV park out to the beach so rather than carry all of the stuff we like to take, we now just keep the car loaded up with the beach gear and drive right out to the Gulf.


100_4788The beach here is quite the happening.  There is fishing, kiting, flag flying, biking, etc.  Gary has gotten out the metal detector.  He read that the pirate Jean Lafitte used to have a camp at Mustang Island and there is legend that there is buried treasure on the island.  A couple of times the detector lit up like a Christmas tree, but it was not Jean Lafitte’s treasure, just a treasure of buried beer cans.


100_4791They also allow camping on the beach for three-night stints and we have seen a surprising number of RVs camped on the beach.  It is a different kind of beach experience than we are used to, but will be an interesting change of pace for the weeks we are here. 

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  1. I remember when we were there, thinking it was cool to drive on the beach, but we didn't go too far- our F350 was 2 WD. The new F450 is 4WD which would make it more fun.