Monday, January 7, 2013

Back In The Motor Home

On Friday they progressed our motor home at the paint shop to the point where we could move back into it.  We spent 22 days outside of it principally on our Christmas trip to the Midwest.  Our total car mileage during that time was a bit over 3,000.  We stayed in 8 different motels.  As we move farther west in our travels we are going to start considering flying back instead of driving, but then we have to consider Alley cat in our planning.

2012-12-11_20-10-31_874Alley is happy to be back in the motor home, if she ever forgave us for moving her into the motor home in the first place.  She travels well, but she is stressed by all the driving and strange places.  She doesn’t get in her normal 18 hours a day of sleep.  Who is warming up whom in the picture?

We accomplished the exchange of stuff between the car and the motor home mostly on Saturday.  It is good to be back home again!

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