Thursday, January 31, 2013

This and That

What have we been doing lately – a lot of this and that.  We have been down to the clubhouse early in the mornings for the “Walk Away the Pounds” videos.  There are 25 or so people at the sessions.

We took in a potluck.  We met a lot of nice people that way.  There was a ton of great food.  There are many like us who love potlucks, but we have also learned that for a whole variety of reasons there are just about as many people who are anti-potluckers.  We think they are missing out, but it’s their call.

We had to hunker down for two days as a front blew through and blew through.  We had sustained winds of 25mph and gusts to 35mph.

Gary has been playing in the small-stakes poker tournaments and has avowed to win one before we leave.  They attract about 40 players and he has fifth and third places so far.  I have been playing some bingo but haven’t been lucky enough to win one yet.  I also took a craft class

Alley cat has been the darling of the campground.  Whenever she goes for a walk, people want to take her picture in her holster. In fact, she is now an ambassador for Crazy K Farm kitty holsters. 

We went shopping in Corpus Christi one day and will go back and explore before we leave here in another two weeks. 

There are always a list of to-dos for the motor home and we have knocked off a bunch of them.

We have been cooking.  I loaded up the freezer with spaghetti sauce and pepperoni rolls.  Gary made his 15-bean soup.

Just a lot of this and that.

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