Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Movember, Mecember and Manuary to Remember









Yay, all my nagging paid off – Gary finally shaved his “Movember” growth. I even gave him a haircut to go with with his clean shaven face.  Alley cat didn’t even know who he was.  So blog followers, which version do you prefer?


  1. He looks younger with the clean shaven look. I had Paul shave his beard for that reason too.

  2. He got rid of all that hair hiding his handsome face!

  3. Hello from the Butchers. Thanks for the comment in our blog. Nice to connect with RV'ers of like mind and itchy feet. Gary is missing his face hair, and I shaved Wards head to the wood, except for a stripe down the centre. He had a mohawk haircut in the 70s and is back at it.
    We're off the beach for a couple of days, at the Walmart in Flour Bluff.
    Isn't it amazing how the internet allows people to stay connected.
    Maybe we will see you on the beach sometime. Take care from Ward and Rae.