Saturday, March 23, 2013

Caverns of Sonora, TX

We left the San Antonio/Austin area on Friday and headed toward our next destination of Big Bend National Park.  But that is a journey of nearly 500 miles so we needed a place to stop for one night.  We never would have known about the Caverns of Sonora if not for a blog post from our fellow former Ford full timers, Sue and Paul.  They raved about this cave awhile back in one of their blogs.  We had not heard about it before then and if not for their blog post we likely would not have stopped there.

100_4990It was 200 miles down the road for us and gave us a chance to stop only for a night but still be able to do something.  We weren’t sure how the day was going to go as when we got up, we found that it was misting outside – most unusual for the San Antonio area and we had to drive in the mist for about an hour, something we really do not like to do as the moisture can bring up the oils from the road and make it slick.  But after about an hour, the sun had burnt off all the clouds and we had a perfect sunny day.  And although we didn’t see the 85mph speed limit on the toll road around Austin, the speed limit on I10 west of San Antonio is 80 MPH.

The caverns are simply fantastic.  There are formations everywhere and the trail is right on top of all of them.  Gary has visited Carlsbad Caverns two times and he was incredulous when Sue and Paul suggested this cave might be even better,  But we both walked away amazed at all the incredible beauty of this cave.  We will be in Carlsbad in another week or so, but this one is going to be hard to surpass.  We would highly recommend it to anyone.




100_5151There is a campground right at the caverns and we didn’t even had to unhook the car from the motor home.  It was a far better stay than a travel night at a Walmart.  And here is Sue and Paul’s report on the Caverns of Sonora.


  1. Glad you guys enjoyed it too! I am always so happy to hear about a new place to visit from someone who has been there. Have a fabulous time in Big Bend!

    1. Thanks again for your blogspost on this spectacular cave.