Friday, March 1, 2013

South Padre Island

The speeding ticket on the way put a bit of a damper on our trip to South Padre Island.  The mood of the day suddenly changed.  And it was kind of a cloudy day to begin with.  But we continued on crossing over the big bridge going out to this barrier island. 

2013-02-24_14-01-18_806The south end of Padre Island is by far the most developed part of the island.  The center section is 70 miles of protected National Seashore.  There is only some minor development on the north end up by Corpus Christi.  We drove up through the high rises, homes, and business of the south end.  We stopped and walked out to the beach to see that there was an even greater rash of Portuguese Man-of-Wars than there had been back further north.  These purplish blue things sting just like jellyfish too, but at least they are far more colorful.

100_4897We drove further north to where there was no further development.  And there we found something we weren’t familiar with – sand drifts over parts of the road.  We know snow drifts from living in the north, but we guess the principal is just the same.  The way the wind blows here, we were almost surprised that the road was completely blown over with sand.  We had nice early snacks the at the Padre Island Brewing Company and then started on our way back only to get caught in some inexplicable traffic jam trying to get back on the bridge off the island.

The day didn’t start real well and it didn’t finish real well, and it was only ok in between.  Ever have that kind of a day?

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