Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Onward To The Hill Country

100_4905We left the Rio Grande Valley on Sunday.  We won’t miss the wind of the valley, but it does power a lot of windmills.  One thinks of Texas as an oil state, but there is also more wind power capacity in Texas than in any other state and twice as much as in California.

100_4913I drove for around an hour and about 60 miles.  I had not driven the motor home in almost a year.  I need to drive more and stay better in practice as I am the backup driver if anything happened that Gary could not drive.  Everything went fine, but I still don’t like construction zones and especially with those concrete walls and I also don’t like high bridges.  There weren’t much of any waterways to cross in this area, but I did have to take a big sweeping elevated ramp onto another freeway.  Here isa road marker we hadn’t seen before – hurricane evacuation route.

100_4738-001Our destination was over 300 miles away so we boondocked (or when we do, it is it boonedocking?) at a Walmart.  We were up early for our push on to an RV service shop on the north west side of San Antonio.  The bottom seals were shot on both of our slide rooms.  The clips that hold them on were rusted out and the seals would not stay in place when the sides went in and out.  The seal would pull in in places from its mounting ridge when the slide room was retracted, but it wouldn’t pull back out when the room was extended..  The seal would look as shown in the picture above and the rust from the clips is obvious.

They didn’t finish until late in the day on Monday, so we just stayed in their lot hooked up to their electric.  Overnight a cold front blew through and even though we were far away from the valley, the strong and gusting winds were back.  Our campground was about 60 miles away.  It was a tough drive for Gary with winds in the 25 to 40 mph range.

We will now be in New Braunfels, Texas for over two weeks, exploring San Antonio, Austin and the Hill Country west of these two cities.  It looks like there will be tons of things to see and do in this very different part of Texas.  We are staying at Hill Country RV Park  http://www.hillcountryrvresortnb.com/.

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  1. Hill Country is amazing! We noticed the hurricane evacuation routes as well, but saw the blue highway signs. We have not seen the ones painted on road at all so far. This is all so foreign to us flat landers up in central Canada.