Saturday, March 9, 2013

Did You Know Our Rig Has Names?

100_1494There are some people who name their rigs and others who don’t. We are among those who do. It got started with our practice rig in anticipation of full timing. We bought a hoopty motor home (1989 Southwind) and then purchased a hoopty car (1993 Escort) to tow so that made naming easy. The motor home was Hoopty Senior and the toad was Hoopty Junior, or just Senior and Junior for short. (We ignored the fact that some prior owner of the motor home had painted “Cool and Hot Pepper” on the back of it.)  And check out all the refrigerator magnets we used to adorn the car with in part to cover up the rust spots.

100_5152Once again, the names of our current rig came about quite by default. When Gary purchased the beige colored cargo carrier for the top of our current toad, I remarked, “that thing looks like a giant turd on top of the car”. And then when we retitled and plated in Texas, it just so happened that the license plate for the car ended in the number 2 while the plate for the motor home ended in the number 1. So that decided it. The motor home is Number 1 while the car with the turd on the top is Number 2.

And whenever we walk out of a store and scan across the parking lot looking for our car, we look for the cargo carrier and remark, “where is the turd”. And it really is a great “beacon” by which to find the car in any lot.

Enough toilet humor for this blog.


  1. We have done the same with Iris and the Tin Can...seems to fit. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Geat site.
    Thanks for it.
    We have hung up the keys.after 47 years of traveling.
    Hang in there and have many more.