Monday, March 18, 2013

World’s Largest Convenience Store?

2013-03-18_13-45-39_281We know, we know, “everything is bigger in Texas”.  And yes, we also know, “don’t mess with Texas”.  But does Texas really have to lay claim to the “world’s largest convenience store”?  Why yes it does.

2013-03-18_13-46-45_547Right here on the outskirts of New Braunfels on that I35 corridor is Buc-ee’s.  This place has 60 gas pumps, 80 soda dispensers, and 84 toilets.  It won the coveted America’s Best Restroom award in 2012.  The building is longer than a football field.  There are 1,000 spaces in the parking lot.  It employs 250 people.   And they had the best gas prices in town with no penalty for the use of a credit card.







They sell a bit of everything here including BBQ and Jerky.  We passed on the “beaver nuggets”.

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  1. That looks like an airport terminal. It's huge. We were at a Buc-ee gas station in Lake Jackson (Texas),but it was nowhere near as big as that!!