Friday, March 8, 2013

We Saw The Letter And Our Bank

100_5594We drove down to San Antonio for an afternoon and we saw the letter.  What letter you ask?  Well, it was one of the most famous letters in the history of Texas – the letter William B. Travis, Commandant of the Alamo sent out by courier during the siege in which he wrote “Victory or Death”.  Around 200 Texans including Travis, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and around 200 other fighters for a free Texas held off 1,500 Mexican soldiers for 13 days before finally all succumbing. The Travis Letter is stored ongoing in the Texas Archives in Austin.  This was the first time it had returned to the Alamo since it was written there 177 years ago.  We waited in line for two hours to pass into the Alamo and see it.

100_5590And we saw another new item for us – our bank.  OK, so what is so special about seeing your bank, people do it every day?  Well, when we were becoming Texans we moved our banking business to a Texas bank, but in the year and a half since we opened an account with them, we never had seen the bank.  In this day and age of managing a bank account electronically, it never had been necessary actually to go there.  It still wasn’t necessary, but as long as we were in the area we had to drive by and see it.

What with a bit of lunch and dinner and a long line at the Alamo, we didn’t get to see much else of San Antonio.  But we will be in this area for two weeks so we will go back.

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