Tuesday, July 2, 2013


We moved on from South Dakota to an RV rally in Gillette, Wyoming.  As we have noted in a few of our blogs, we belong to an organization of full time RVers called Escapees.  They hold one or two major rallies a year called Escapade.  This is the organization’s 35th anniversary and 53rd Escapade.

The rally is being held in Gillette, Wyoming which bills itself as the Energy Capital of the Nation.  It is a major coal producing area along with oil and methane extraction.  The rally is being held at the Cam-Plex, short for Campbell County Complex  http://www.cam-plex.com/.   It is essentially a very large fairgrounds but with a lot more multi-use capabilities.  They have installed a huge amount of campgrounds and host a number of large RV rallies each year.  They have over 1,500 campsites with at least electric service and with dry-camping capabilities once hosted an RV rally with 5,400 units.

There are over 500 rigs here at this rally and over 1,000 people in attendance.  And most of them are full time RVers as well.  Escapees has organized over 25 educational seminars each day so we have to pick and choose which ones to attend.  There are many vendors of all things RV.  We’ll have more to report from Escapade as the week wears on.


  1. I'm always impressed that towns have found creative ways to bring money into their area and sounds like Gillette is doing well at it.

  2. Yes, Gillette is doing a fantastic job at multi purposing their community complex. The main hall we are using also functions as an ice hockey rink in the winter.