Thursday, July 4, 2013

Legends of Full Time RVing

In preparation for full time RVing and ever since, we have been reading and learning from a huge variety of sources..  In that process, there are certain names that keep popping up.  We have had the opportunity to meet a few of them here at the Escapade rally.

Many of these people are tributes to the free enterprise system of the United States.  They are entrepreneurs extraordinaire.  They have seized on the fact that there are these full time RVers, like us, running around the country and they have come up with products and services to meet our needs.  And in the process they are supporting their own full time RVing lifestyle.  It is probably not an avenue we would ever pursue as many are constantly traveling from rally to rally racking up huge amounts of driving miles, but we sure are glad they are out there doing what they are doing.

So who are some of these people who are in our  personal “full time RVing hall of fame”?

100_6921Let’s start with Nick Russell and his wife, Miss Terry.  Their business is publishing.  They produce a magazine, The Gypsy Journal, and a whole variety of travel publications and books.  Nick is a faithful daily blogger and we enjoy his blogposts.



100_6922Without a doubt, the best seminar we attended at Escapade was put on by Mac The Fire Guy who teaches you how to help prevent fires and other dangers in your RV, but what to do if you unfortunately should have to evade them.   We know we will have to upgrade our protective systems based on his seminars and will be placing an order with him soon.


100_6924And then there are The Geeks on Tour who sell DVD tutorials and online guides for how to use computers and cell phones and how to do things like blog while one is traveling in an RV.





100_6923At the show itself, we spent the most money in the both of the RVH2O people as we bought a whole new set of water hoses for our rig.  We have been using the cheap commercial ones, but now have upgraded to quality hoses with reusable solid stainless fittings.


100_6925And finally working the Winegard booth were Bill and Janet Adams.  They were long-time installers of satellite dishes before going to work for the biggest manufacturer.  Bill gives advice on a number of RV forums and was very helpful to our learning process back when we decided to install an automatic satellite dish on the roof of our motor home.

These certainly weren’t the only full timing legends at the rally.  One person, Kay Peterson, who founded with her husband the Escapees RV Club was an amazing keynote speaker at the rally is a true hall of famer as a member of the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana.  We really missed not getting to see our friends, Dennis and Carol Hill who used to instruct at and then owned the RV Driving School, but they were called away from Escapade by a family emergency.

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  1. I was nice to meet you at Escapade. We look forward to crossing your path again in our travels.