Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Travels Have Been Published!

We were contacted awhile back by a freelance writer who asked us if we would participate in an article about full-time RVers he was trying to sell to a magazine.  Our travels in a magazine?  Sure!  He sold the concept, we and a couple other couples were interviewed, we offered up a few pictures, and some time later the article actually came to fruition and recently was published.
So, in what erudite travel magazine are we appearing?  National Geographic?  Travel and Leisure?  Conde Nast?  Motor Home?  Trailer Life?  Nope, none of the above.  We are appearing in……………. ALL ABOUT BEER.  Huh?  Yes, we are in article about people who live on the road and visit lots of breweries.
So how did this all come about?  Well, before we went on the road we had taken up the hobby of home brewing beer.  We actually became somewhat accomplished brewers.  We won two ribbons and an engraved glass beer mug at the Home Brew competition of the Michigan State Fair one year.  We were members of the Downriver Brewer’s Guild and we all shared our brews with each other at the monthly meeting and had at least one outing each month that involved the quaffing of craft beer.  Whenever we traveled, we consulted the “beer maps” and sought out the craft breweries of the area.  And it wasn’t just a beer thing.  Most small breweries serve food and there are generally three good things about food in breweries:  1) it won’t be fast food, 2) they won’t be chain restaurants, and 3) good brewers are also good cooks who will serve up tasty fare.
So, it was natural for us to carry on these traditions as we travel.  We still consult the beer maps and when we are dining out first and foremost we look for a brewery to dine at.  There was a thread on the Escapees forum where we posted along a few others about our brewery visits.  Somehow the freelance writer found us from that thread and the rest is now history.
And without further ado…………..here is link to the article.  The link we had posted stopped working so we now are trying to display the article another way through the photo album link below:


  1. What great fun to be published!!! Enjoy!

  2. How do I find a Beer Map ??????

    1. Go to this site and click on the region you are in and then links will pop up for states in that region.

  3. Now this sounds like a magazine worth being featured in. How do I find the beer maps?

  4. I see the beer map info above.