Monday, July 8, 2013

Gary’s 8th Grade Science Teacher/Coach

IMGNow what does this topic have to do with full-time RVing?  About a year and a half ago, Gary scanned the picture at the right of his 8th grade basketball team back in Indiana and its coach.  He emailed a copy to a few people in the picture.  One of the cheerleaders is related to the coach so she sent him the picture.  He then contacted Gary and they have communicated a bit since.  The teacher left the Indiana school and moved to Gillette, Wyoming where he taught for the rest of his career and where we were for the Escapade rally. 

Gary contacted him before we arrived in Gillette and we got together with him for dinner one evening.  They reminisced and caught up for over two hours.  Gary printed a copy of the picture of the team.  Coach Williams knew a good many of them by name even though he has seen thousands of school kids in his career.  And for the ones Gary had to help with the names, he immediately remembered something about them.

100_6997Coach Williams was also a science teacher of Gary’s.  He has always had a love of stars and he had persuaded Gillette schools to build a planetarium where he did most of his teaching from.  He reported that he has three children and his two boys were both Mr. Basketball in the State of Wyoming.

He told us a lot about Gillette and its rich deposits of coal and oil and a lot about Wyoming as well.  We had a very enjoyable evening with the Coach. 

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