Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Other Things You’ll See In Yellowstone

Beyond the geysers, hot springs, canyons, lakes, and waterfalls, we noticed that  there were other things in Yellowstone in substantial quantities as well.  So, what these other things?  One day we kept a count just to determine how many we saw.

100_7644Rental Motor Homes – We counted 54 of these in one day.  You see them everywhere in the Park.  People who rent them don’t pull cars behind them so they are driving them everywhere that everyone else drives their much smaller vehicles.  Also, people who rent them generally have little to no experience driving such a vehicle.  We try to stay away from them as much as we can and get way over when meeting one on the road.  But we do have empathy for them as we were once motor home renters ourselves.

100_7760Roof-Top Cargo Carriers – We certainly identify with these people as we travel with a cargo carrier on our roof (the turd as it is known from one of our previous posts).  Ours carries golfing equipment, which isn’t used nearly enough to justify having a carrier on the roof.  We feel sure the people in Yellowstone are putting theirs to more practical use.  We saw 98 of these in one day.

100_7761The New Ford Escape – Being Ford retirees, we were happy to see that there are a lot of the new-design Ford Escapes out on the roads of Yellowstone.  We owned one of the old-style Escapes and the new one is a radical departure from the old so we tend to notice them and apparently they are selling very well.  We saw 20 of them during the day.  We can sponsor people for discounts on Ford Products – send us an email.


  1. we certainly saw a lot of those rental motor homes in Moab too. I think it must be common in areas of national parks.

  2. 20 Escapes, eh? Pension security! My brother just ordered a hybrid Fusion. They are selling so well there were none he wanted on the dealer lots. He is on pins and needles waiting for it. he had to order a '14 without having seen one so he had Paul do some checking to make sure there weren't going to be many changes.