Saturday, July 13, 2013

Glacier NP–Going to the Sun

It is truly hard to imagine the massive glacial action that carved the mountains and valleys of Glacier National Park.  We saw the effects of glaciers last year in Acadia National Park, but we have to say that pales in comparison to what must have happed in Glacier NP millions of years ago.  Everywhere you look you see the flow of the ancient glaciers across the remaining mountain sides, the depth of the valleys they cut, and the alpine lakes they left behind.



In addition to mother nature’s creation is the man made creation of the Going to the Sun road.  It is the east/west road traversing the park and is considered one of the most dramatic road trips in the country.  The 50+ mile road was completed in 1933.  The most dramatic part is the climb to Logan Pass which snakes around the side of mountains as is climbs over 3,000 feet at about a constant 6% grade for over 10 miles.  We quickly decided to take the Park’s shuttle bus service rather than driving it our self.  We rode the bus down from the east and then back up the west.  In the steep mountain hugging section, the size of vehicles is restricted to 21 feet in length and 8 feet wide including mirrors.  You can pick out the road in the pictures below and see the effects of the flow of the glaciers as well.



100_7301And who knows quite what to say about this picture taken at one of our picnics in the park.  It is clearly a unique application of Pringles – the potato chip duck call.


  1. I've been wanting to go over that road for as long as I can remember and hope we make it that far this year.

  2. Beautiful Glacier NP! Your post reminded me of our time there a couple of years ago. We loved it. Nice touch on the potato chip duck call!